tirsdag den 28. februar 2012

Hi, every dear reader out there.
Please read this.
Today is no day for fun. A dear friend of mine is no longer - the (now old) Sims3-website. I may sound silly, but every time I try to get in touch with my friends, my messages gets pushed down by other simmers' posts. Even some I don't even know, on my own page! ...
All the social features, such as comments and recommendations are all gone. It now looks like a bad version of a Facebook-copy. It makes me sad to see, that the Sims3-website has now lost its originality, and the warmth I used to feel in there.
I will not use my page there, anymore. Only to up- and download stuff. But you can get a hold of me, as always. You can make a hotmail-account absolutely free. Here there's many options, as chat, mail (of course) and sharing small "statusses".

My hotmail is:     fie_wa.dk@hotmail.dk

That is the place to contact me, from now on.
I will not accept loosing my friends to this new design, the question is: Will you?

mandag den 27. februar 2012

Hi everyone!

Long time, no see, i guess. Well, I've been in Italy for 1½ weeks, and there was no internet anywhere. I wanted to blog from there, but since I was unable to, I'll just blog now. :)
The place I've been was very beautiful, and I must admit that I was very busy with photografing, skiing and sightseeing that it was hard to find the time to blog, if I had been able to..

I've also thought about making another blog, with pictures of my sims. So this blog will be about me, my projects and so, and the other one will mostly be pictures. So here it is! - A Simmers World - Pictures Hope you'll check it out! 

Xoxo Fie_wa :))

tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

Hi my dear simmers!
I'm super happy! My grades for this half year are way better than expected! I can't get my hands down (well, I'm writing right now... but you know what I mean!). I don't really know how the grades are in your countries, so here's the danish grade-scale, translated to letters. You can click the image, to make it bigger and readable.

Well.. I've got 10 10's and 8 7's, which is great! It is quite impossible to get 12, when it is a whole 6 months. But in most of my tests and my homework i get 12, so I am very satisfied. Tomorrow I'm going to an interview at the (private-)school where I'll take 10th grade, and I've definately got something good to show them.

Talk to you soon!
-Fie_wa :)))

mandag den 6. februar 2012

Hi everyone out there!
Today my group and presentated our product. It was very scary, with all the people there, but we made it! I think it went okay, because I remembered to talk loud and clear, and also to look up and away from my cue cards. Many of the people who where there said that it went well, and that I knew what I was talking about, which made it more autenthic. So, only time will tell how great it ACTUALLY wa in my teachers eyes..
I'm going to Italy this week, and there will definately be some simming there! I'll keep you alle posted.
Loooooove Fie_wa! :))

fredag den 3. februar 2012

Hi dear simmers!<3

I've had absolutely NO time this week, to do what I want or create. You see, we have a huge project at school, and my group and I handed our teacher the report today. It was over 13 pages long, and about extreme weather and the connection to global warming. We've been working our as*es off, and we made it!
We had a strict deadline, but even though we had our difficulties, we gave the teacher our report in time.

Now, we have to practice our presentation for monday, where whoever wants to watch can come. I hope we get good grades, because it took us so much time and effort. But that is also why I'm so tired! My group and I stayed up till 01:00 to study, and I wake up at 06:00. So, I've had about 4 and a half hours sleep tonight, because I had to clean our mess (we ate a ton of chocolate to stay awake).

I think I'm going to take a nap or something.
Hope you're not as tired as me!

Xoxo Fie_wa<3