fredag den 3. februar 2012

Hi dear simmers!<3

I've had absolutely NO time this week, to do what I want or create. You see, we have a huge project at school, and my group and I handed our teacher the report today. It was over 13 pages long, and about extreme weather and the connection to global warming. We've been working our as*es off, and we made it!
We had a strict deadline, but even though we had our difficulties, we gave the teacher our report in time.

Now, we have to practice our presentation for monday, where whoever wants to watch can come. I hope we get good grades, because it took us so much time and effort. But that is also why I'm so tired! My group and I stayed up till 01:00 to study, and I wake up at 06:00. So, I've had about 4 and a half hours sleep tonight, because I had to clean our mess (we ate a ton of chocolate to stay awake).

I think I'm going to take a nap or something.
Hope you're not as tired as me!

Xoxo Fie_wa<3

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