tirsdag den 28. februar 2012

Hi, every dear reader out there.
Please read this.
Today is no day for fun. A dear friend of mine is no longer - the (now old) Sims3-website. I may sound silly, but every time I try to get in touch with my friends, my messages gets pushed down by other simmers' posts. Even some I don't even know, on my own page! ...
All the social features, such as comments and recommendations are all gone. It now looks like a bad version of a Facebook-copy. It makes me sad to see, that the Sims3-website has now lost its originality, and the warmth I used to feel in there.
I will not use my page there, anymore. Only to up- and download stuff. But you can get a hold of me, as always. You can make a hotmail-account absolutely free. Here there's many options, as chat, mail (of course) and sharing small "statusses".

My hotmail is:     fie_wa.dk@hotmail.dk

That is the place to contact me, from now on.
I will not accept loosing my friends to this new design, the question is: Will you?

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